Cardiff & Brecon Bins

Cardiff & Brecon Bins

These immensely popular designs outsell any others we manufacture by a considerable margin. They will survive in environments where other designs will not, perhaps because their very appearance seems to discourage attack by vandals. When our competitors’ bins have fallen apart, try one of these!

They are particularly resistant to damage caused by fire, which seems to be the final fate of most bins. They have an opening handle, which also acts as a bump stop to protect the slats when the door is opened.

  • Street-Tough finish in dark green 14C40 as standard.
  • Acrylic Coating available.
  • Eleven at no extra cost.
    Also available in any other B.S. or RAL colour for a surcharge.
  • Supplied with extended legs (for concreting in), as standard.
  • Also available with pedestal base legs (for bolting down)
  • Pedestal base option can be bolted down with K1 rawl bolts, or K4 extended rawl bolts
  • Single post mounting version available, extended legs (for concreting in) as standard, or flanged, for ground anchoring
  • Galvanised 22 swg sheet steel liner with 6mm wired edge, drain holes and pull-out handle
  • Supplied fully assembled
Cardiff & Brecon bin DiagramCardiff & Brecon bin Diagram
  • Legs 40 x 40 x 2.5mm hollow
  • Single post mounting leg 140 x 5mm circular hollow
  • Slats 40 x 40 x 3mm angle
  • Approx capacity Cardiff 110 litres
  • Approx capacity Brecon 55 litres
  • Approx Weight Cardiff 65kg (Lidded)
  • Approx Weight Brecon 46kg (Lidded)
  • Approx Weight Cardiff 54kg (Open Top)
  • Approx Weight Brecon 43kg (Open Top)

Eleven standard colour options at no extra cost, any other B.S. or RAL colour for a surcharge

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