Holyhead Recycling Unit with lids

Holyhead Recycling Unit

Our recycling units have been designed to offer robust, attractive solutions for collecting separated waste in rural environments where typical shiny or brightly coloured designs would be unsuitable.

We offer two sizes of recycling unit: 330 litre and 220 litre. The 330 litre unit has three separate waste collection bays and the 220 litre unit has two. Each waste collection bay has its own galvanised steel liner accessed via a hinged door retained by a tamper resistant slam latch.

Both sizes of bin are available with recycled plastic slats in black or brown. Alternatively, for a more rustic, natural appearance the slats can be specified in partially dried European oak finished in dark oak stain.

We offer standard configurations of waste aperture as shown in the following photographs, but we are able to accommodate customer requests for different apertures to suit specific applications.

A variety of engraved plastic signs covering a range of waste materials can be supplied pre-attached to the units. Bespoke signage can be supplied to customer specification at additional cost.

  • Supplied with pedestal base legs (for bolting down) as standard.
  • Can be bolted down with K1 rawl bolts, or K4 extended rawl bolts
  • Frames in either Acrylic Coating or Street-Tough finish in brown 08B29, or black as standard
  • Supplied fully assembled
Holyhead Recycling Unit
  • Legs 40 x 40 x 2.5mm hollow
  • Slats 30 x 100mm recycled plastic
  • Slats 25 x 95mm oak
  • Galvanised 22 swg sheet steel liners with 6mm wired edge, drain holes and pull-out handle
  • Capacity approx. 330 litres
  • Weight approx. 200kg.

Available in brown 08B29, or black as standard

RS1 RS1 Glass bottles and jars
RS2 RS2 Glass
RS3 RS3 plastic bottles and metal cans
RS4 RS4 cans
RS5 RS5 Non recyclable litter
RS6 RS6 Waste
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