Polyboard Range Picnic Furniture

Recycled plastic is an increasingly popular material and we have recently introduced new designs to cater for an even wider range of applications.

Polyboard seats can be supplied with flush mounted commemorative plaques in engraved stainless steel, or cast bronze. Carved inscriptions are also possible.

The recycled plastic is made from a range of waste plastics, its main constituents being low and high density polyolefins.

Where appropriate, seats and benches in this range have three full frames to prevent the sagging that unsupported recycled plastic is prone to.

Polyboard Range Seats
Polyboard Range Seats
In certain circumstances, particularly if an accelerant such as petrol is used, this material may catch fire and burn.

Recycled plastic has the following benefits:

  • Ecologically attractive
  • Long lasting and durable
  • Knot and splinter free
  • No painting required
  • Water resistant, rot free
  • Maintenance free
  • Comfortable to sit on
  • Through coloured
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Heathland Picnic Unit

Heathland Picnic Unit

An integral picnic unit with recycled plastic boards with an additional central frame for extra rigidity. The polyboards on this picnic unit are made from an ecologically sound recycled material, which is durable, water resistant, rot free, and requires no maintenance. View Heathland Picnic Unit