Tom Thumb Bench

Tom Thumb Bench

On a winter’s day this all steel bench may be cold to sit on, but it is virtually indestructible.

It is offered in two alternative finishes: Acrylic Coating or Street-Tough. Red, blue, yellow, green and can all be specified at no extra cost, which make this item bright and attractive.

  • Street-Tough finish in green B.S. 14C40 as standard.
  • Acrylic Coating available.
  • Eleven other at no extra cost.
  • Also available in any other B.S. or RAL colour for a surcharge
  • Supplied with extended legs (for concreting in), as standard.
  • Also available with pedestal base legs (for bolting down)
  • Pedestal base option can be bolted down with K3 rawl bolts, or K10 extended rawl bolts
  • Supplied partially assembled, with legs to bolt on
Tom Thumb Bench
  • Slats 50 x 100 x 2mm hollow
  • Frames 50 x 50 x 3mm hollow
  • Length 1800mm
  • Weight approx. 26kg.

Twelve standard colour options at no extra cost, any other B.S. or RAL colour for a surcharge

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